ZGC Royal Flush


We believe that all horses should be as prepared as possible for their age when they go to their new home. For the foals, we lay them down and desensitize them at birth, teach all our foals to lead, back, pick up feet, load into and back out of a trailer, be gently flogged with a rope and whip Clinton Anderson style, be accepting of wormer (by putting fingers and the wormer stick in their mouth without the actual med) etc. They all get used to saddle pads and bareback pads, go on many walks with mom around our farm with tons of scary farm equipment and general farm trash, get ponied down roads, through ditches on concrete under building roofs etc. to desensitize them and prepare them for the real world. We find that they do much better if they have a solid base of being worked with before they leave for their new home.

Royal has a small white dot on her eye from a past injury. It is shown in the video below. Vet said it will dissapear in a couple years, she has been fully checked out and has 100% vision.


Thank you Tracy! Royal will be an excellent eddition to your family and breeding program!



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Horse Details

Age: 0.5

Color: Smokey Black and White Tobiano

In Foal? No


Price: 12800

Horse Pedigree

No children listed