Momma's Little Angel


Thank you, Cocoa, for bringing this sweet filly into our lives! Angel is a bay Curly Fox Trotter. She is actually homozygous for curls so will produce 100% curly foals in her lifetime. She moves just like her momma and she is smart, sweet and a bit more hot than most of our horses which we expect from Cocoa and all her offpring. We lovingly call her momma “Loco Cocoa” at times because she sometimes has to work through things, but once this line of horses learns things, they do a great job. They take more work than other lines, but they are worth the extra work. Angel should gait up to 15 mph like her dam. We have had fun watching her grow. In the spring, she will head to the Guymon’s place for saddle training. We are excited to see how she does!


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