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Located near Zion National Park in Southern Utah, USA, we are proud to offer some of the rarest horses in the world–Curly Missouri Foxtrotters and now, Curly Single Footing Horses! These unique horses, also known as gaited curlies, possess exceptional qualities that set them apart. With their naturally calm demeanor, beautiful curls that last a lifetime, and remarkable hardiness even in the coldest climates, Gaited Curly Horses are truly special.

What makes these horses even more extraordinary is their hypoallergenic nature, which means they’re an excellent choice for people who are allergic to horses. For anyone looking for a comfortable and enjoyable trail riding experience, the Missouri Fox Trotter, America’s number one trail horse and now, Curly Single Footers with even more endurance and speed, fits the bill perfectly. Combine that with the allergy-free and hardy traits of all the curly coated and smooth coated foals of these Curly Horse parents and now horse ownership is a dream that can be realized by anyone, including those who thought they had to avoid horses due to allergies. Come experience the wonder of Gaited Curly Horses at Zion’s Gait Curlies.

About ZG Curlies

Have you ever thought that if you’ve seen one Gaited Curly Horse, you’ve seen them all? 

That’s not true! In the vast, open spaces of the West, our horses are tested for endurance, high intelligence, smooth gaits, and sure-footedness as they glide through the sometimes rocky, sandy, and steep trails of Utah’s “Color Country.” We ride all our horses in every possible situation: mountain trails, desert trails, river trails, in the city, at night, in the rain and wind, and more. This way, we get to know our horses and what they can produce for you.

If you’re shopping for a Gaited Curly Single Footer or Curly Missouri Fox Trotter, make sure to ask for videos showing their natural gaits and current training. Videos provide valuable insights into a horse’s abilities and the people selling them. Personally, I never buy a horse without first seeing a video. It seems that these days, many people breed for curls and color instead of focusing on the most important qualities in a gaited horse: first and foremost, excellent minds and second, smooth, comfortable riding gaits! After all, what’s a trail horse without those two essential things?

At our farm, we are obsessed with continually producing better and better quality with each year’s foal crop. We urge you to do your research before you buy.

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