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Vegas france
Fall Special! $400 for 1 dose (4 straws) of frozen semen!
There have been over 100 DCC Vegas babies produced throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. The secret of his success? Vegas usually produces foals that are very well gaited, intelligent, quick and easy to train and very gentle. If you want an easy going and very teachable foal that loves people, Vegas is your guy.
Yes, you can now produce foals that are allergy free!! Curly horses are hypo-allergenic for those who have allergies to horses! Have family or friends who cannot be around horses? Most people allergic to horses are not allergic to curly horses and their offspring. Breed DCC Vegas with your good quality Fox Trotter, Tennessee Walker or other gaited mares. Vegas is registered Missouri Fox Trotter and with the ICHO as a curly horse. Your offspring can be registered with both registries if your mare is registered foxtrotter and with the ICHO if she is a different breed of gaited horse.
There are only 4 doses left out of the 120 that we collected and then we are sold out. Get yours now for next or years breeding season or for years from now! Once you own it, you can as many mares as your supply lasts.
This offer does not include a live foal guarantee as quantity is so limited, but can use your frozen semen on one mare or multiple mares and that will be up to you and your vet. We will sign paperwork for you to register all the resulting foals. We often see clients get their mares pregnant with only one dose. As usual, we recommend that you seek out a highly qualified vet for these services. You pay the shipping costs. Shipping is free if you use a vet in Logan, Utah area or pick it up yourself (nitrogen freezing container rental fee applies, but no shipping).
This offer is good through the end of 2023 or until the allotted supplies run out…… whichever one comes first.
We recently learned that Vegas passed away from a pasture accident in France about 2 years ago. We are so sad to see him go. He will be greatly missed, but his legacy lives on in his many offspring.
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Horse Details

Age: 21

Color: Bay and White Tobiano

In Foal? No


Price: 400

Horse Pedigree

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