Cocoa's 2024 Foal


Cocoa’s 2024 foal should travel quite fast in a smooth gait with Cocoa’s beautiful smooth transitions and her gorgeous body standing ultimatly around 15.2 hands tall like Cocoa. She is my favoirte riding mare of all time. Her foals are more sensitive and reactive foals than the other dam’s, but the payoff comes with they are fully trained riding horses that are very sensitive to the riders ques and gliding up to 15 mph. Cocoa does not have a good of endurance as some of the other mares when not ridden regularly, but she is fantastic in all other areas. We think Jackpot will enhance all her foals in their endurance. There is a 50% chance of homozygous foal and 100% chance of curly foals. Foal can be registered MFTHBA and ICHO.

Want to purchase this foal now and have a beautiful surprise in the spring? Contact Lisa to pre-purchase Cocoa’s foal at pre-birth price. You are guaranteed a healthy curly foal trained up just like all the others and would be refunded in the event something went not as planned. This way you are able to make monthly payments until the time of weaning to spread out the cost. The price of this foal will be as much as $19,800 after birth depending on sex, color, homozygous for curls or heterozygous etc. 

Contact Lisa for details.

Thank you, Marie! We are excited to see the little one arrive! : )


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Color: TBD

In Foal? No


Price: 9800

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