Carmella (We call her Meg because my daughter thought she looked like the color of nutmeg). Meg is the first horse to greet you when you come to the farm. She loves to run and play in the field (especially with her best friend Jag our 8 year old buckskin gelding). Her disposition is very kind and willing. She is a horse that anyone can enjoy from the demanding trail rider who likes to move out quickly with a smooth sure footed ride to the little girl who hasn’t ridden before and wants to ride a nice kind horse. She will let you climb all over her, pick up her feet, and do anything to her as long as you are kind. Our cat Gideon jumps on her back regularly and she just lets him play there. She is very trusting. Meg has been a joy to train from day one. Once you teach her she remembers what was taught and doesn’t need to be reminded. One thing about Meg that is a bit of a negative is that she is a grudge holder. Soft gentle training methods are best. If you use harsh or aggressive training methods then she responds poorly and will remember it and the person who inflicted it. Our trainer Jared Callister said the following at the conclusion of her 30 day training. 1- She is one of the most smart teachable colts he had ever worked with. Responds to very soft and subtle cues.
2- Meg is very sure footed for a young horse. It is like she was born in the mountains. He mentioned that he had not seen that sure footed action except in mustangs. 3- He said her foxtrot is very natural and had a nice flow. 4- He said Meg is very athletic and tough. He was impressed at how tough her feet are. He trained her in some rocky areas and herded cows and her feet were like a mustang. (note: Meg is a barefoot horse) 5- Meg is very soft mouthed and responds to even the slightest lift of the rein. She holds a snaffle bit in her mouth with no stress from the bridle. She holds it where she wants it. 6- Meg makes me look like a wonderful trainer. 7- Jared said that after 30 days she was at the stage of a seasoned 5 year old. Very quick learner. 8- Lastly he said Meg is the horse to choose to ride when you go to the stable for a reliable enjoyable mount.
At the ripe old age of 29 months Meg is quite far along in being the perfect fox trotter. Great conformation, athletic, beautiful dark palomino markings (long curly white main), gorgeous head (small star on the center of forehead), kind and gentle disposition, energetic, will move out quickly.  On my first ride since the completion of the training we rode down a busy road in the city of Bountiful. The stimulation was all around us (cars, joggers, street workers, lawn mowers, etc.) but Meg with her trusting attitude took it all in stride because she trusted me. I am very fortunate to own Meg.

Brad Hansen
(filly sired by DCC Vegas)