“I have done 5 rides with treasure and the baby in the mountains since the baby was born. It has been a blast. Treasure is really a great riding mare, we
could not be happier with her. She bounced right back from having the baby……..”


DeMille Foxtrotters

“Lisa,  ….I’m especially impressed that you’ve been producing fine gaited animals that are ALSO curlies! There are so few really nicely gaited horses within the breed that I’m amazed how awesome the curlies you’re producing are!   I did a clinic in Denver last week and told a couple about your curlies as they have a son who loves horses, but has almost given them up because of allergies.”

–Alma DeMille, Gaited Horse Trainer
Demille Foxtrotters

ZGC Eldorado

Hi Lisa
I am sure Marion told you already but I also wanted to let you know that El Dorado has arrived very well to Germany. You should call Gisela (who is running our
quarantine), she just loved the little guy, he was just perfect to handle and stayed calm for the whole trip. great character, incredible for such a young horse, Gisela said she never had a yearling for quarantine that impressed her so much. He was just the star of the show, everybody wanted to have him, the people in quarantine, the grooms on the flight, the people in Luxemburg where the plane arrived. We could have sold him 10 times on the way I think 🙂 I attached you a few photos from Luxemburg, the horses stayed there overnight which was great for them to rest

ZGC London

Hello Lisa
I wish you an happy 2012 year. I am sending you some picture of London aya Gaya. I did my first little ride since my accident in 2009 this afternoom. I am so happy to be able to ride again. will  get more fit this year before to ride in summer but at least i can do a little bit in winter time. Gaya will be 4 in april. She is a tall and large mare. right now with her winter coat, weight 1100 pound, and 15 hand at her wither and 15.2 at her butt.  Very strong but very gentle with me and people around her. Never sick and easy keeper . I love her so much.

(filly sired by DCC Vegas)

ZGC New York

Hi Lisa,

Your horses are the best Curly Foxtrotters out there.  Beautiful conformation, colors, gaits and disposition. I feel you deserve to know how New York is doing (I call him Tatanka).  He is built like a brick and stands 15.3 hands.  He has carried me about the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, in a parade,  all the way across Michigan on the 225 mile Shore to Shore trail and  qualified as my Mounted Deputy Horse.  He is smooth to ride at walk, trot, and canter but actual gaiting was questionable until this past fall.  I listened to my friends who said some foxtrotters develop their gait as they mature and this seems to be the case with Tatanka.  Also, I found the right expert gaiting trainer who was able to finally unlock the key and get him going right.  This trainer says Tatanka is multi talented with the possibility of even racking. He is a joy to own and priceless.

Thank you, and God Bless,

(colt sired by DCC Vegas)