ZGC Gemelle


Up for an adventure? Gem’s your gal! This 11 year old mare has tons of heart and LOVES people. She could stand with her head in your arms for hours. Super calm, loving and easy going around the farm and with other horses, you can haul her to a grand trail head, put a saddle on her and point. She is up for the task at hand. Gem is the horse everyone is looking for……… good for beginner riders who are recieving lessons and will be taught how to care for and ride a horse. Easy, easy, easy and well broke. She raised our youngest daughter and oh how they loved each other!

A black based grey, Curly Fox Trotter mare standing at 15 hands, she is also heterozygous for curls and will produce a curly foal 50% of the time when bred to a straight haired stallion or 75% of the time when bred to a curly stallion. Gem is an excellent mother and loves foals. She has had 2 foals to date which were a colt and a filly. Both are excellent quality horses and shown in the photos below.

Her grand-dam is Lobo’s Blue Annie from Alma DeMille’s original Missouri Fox Trotter herd. We owned Blue Annie and riding her is like flying on the wind. Gem, is very much like her dam with smooth gaits (up to 8 mph) good endurance and charges up mountains. She just wants to get the job done and we love that about her.

Gem takes great care of anyone who rides her and has never offered to buck, rear, bolt or hurt people in any way. She was bred and raised on our farm. The grey mare with the two girls riding is Blue Annie, Gem’s dam who lived to the ripe old age of 27 when we finally had to let her go. Gem’s sire is ZGC Dallas, bred by Zion’s Gait Curlies and currently in Northern Utah.

Jessica now will be riding and training Wildfire and Prayer, so she will have little time to spend with Gem anymore. We have decided it is best to allow another family to “take the reins” with Gem.

Thank you Tracy! The kids will love Gem. : )




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Horse Details

Age: 11

Color: Black Based Grey

In Foal? No


Price: 12,800

Horse Pedigree

No father listed
No mother listed
No siblings listed