Rock's Wildfire


Wildfire is a 3 year old single-footing mare. Her sire is Rowdy Rawhide’s Rock and her dam is our wonderful mare, Doctor’s Sweet Jazz (Sweetie) from the DeMille Breeding and training program. Unfortunatly, Sweeite passes away suddenly when Wildfire was less than 2 months old. Being our little orphan filly and being a very confident horse by nature, she bonded with us and feels extremely comfortable with people….. a bit too comfortable. haha!

She should grow to 15.1 or 15.2 hands tall and be a wonderful and fast gaiting trail mare. We can already see her wonderfully smooth gaits as she just completed several months training at Dal and Margo Guymon’s ranch. Wildfire rides great, is obedient and a fast learner with very smooth, natural gaits. Because a single-footer is a cross between an ultra fast horse (standardbred)  like her sire, Rock, and a Fox Trotter, her speeds will ultimatly fall somewhere in between and with very high endurance. As a youngster just trained, we can already see that she will have incredible endurance. Her gaits will get faster with time. With single-footers, it is best to allow them to get really solid at the lower speeds before gratuating them to faster and faster gaits.

We look forward to seeing her first foal in April!! In her training video, she is 9 months pregnant! Wildfire’s foal will be curly and will be one of the highest quality gaited curlies in the world.

Wildfire is a full sibling to Ferarri and Tucker. You can see her and her sire in the videos below.



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Horse Details

Age: 3

Color: Dark Bay

In Foal? Yes


Price: TBD

Horse Pedigree

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