Tucker Time Traveler


Our only gelding is a old Single-Footing Horse named Tucker out of my husband’s favorite riding mare, Sweetie, and Rowdy Rawhide’s Rock. He is the full sibling to our other two Single-Footer mares and was bred by us and born on our farm. He stands at about 16 hands tall and is the perfect size for my very tall husband to ride. Tucker is like a big puppy dog who would sit in your lap if you let him. He is always interested in a scratch or any treat you might have. He can currently gait smoothly at 15 miles per hour on the top end and has the capacity to go faster with age and training. We will have more videos and photos of Tucker as he develops. Tucker is good for an intermediate and above rider as he is only 5 and still needs a consistent leader to keep him awesome and turn him into a finely tuned machine : )

Tucker is a full sibling to Ferrari and Wildfire. His sire is the first video below.



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Horse Details

Age: 5

Color: Dark Bay

In Foal? No


Price: TBD

Horse Pedigree

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