MO Champagne On Ice


WOW!! We call him “Ice Man” and I am floored because he is so good in so many ways!

First of all, Ice Man carries the most diverse and rarest curly bloodline of any curly breeding stallion on the planet. You can see on his pedigree that he has one link way back in his pedigree to Walker Prince T. as his great grandsire! This is his only source of the curly gene. All other ancestors are unrelated to Curly MFT ancestors! Ice Man has no inbreeding and you can breed him to any curly mare I know of except his sisters. In his pedigree, there is no Walker Prince T. II, no DCC Vegas, no ZGC Dallas, no ZGC Jackpot, no Maximum’s Pride and you can safely breed him to any mares out of these stallions.

Second, his disposition is remarkable. Ice Man is super sweet and friendly. He comes right up to you. Training him takes very little effort and he retains his lessons very well. I have not trained an easier horse. He can currently be caught, led, load and stand tied. We will finish his ground training in the next week or so.

Third, he exhibits classic and smooth old style fox trot. Ice Man will be able to travel up to 8 MPH in this wonderful gait. He is homozygous for gait and will pass this along to his offspring as long as the mare is also nicely gaited.

Fourth, if all this isn’t enough, as icing on the cake, you will never get a black, bay or sorrel foal from Ice Man! His genetics are homozygous for the champagne gene, homozygous for agouti and has one cream gene! Every foal that comes from him will be hypo-allergenic and a gorgeous and interesting color. Champagne Curly MFT’s are super rare!

We cannot say enough good things about this new Curly MFT stallion prospect. Thank you Becky Oldham for breeding him and selling him to us! Below you can see his pedigree, color testing and photos of his dam and sire.


Horse Details

Age: 1

Color: Champagne Cream

In Foal? No


Price: TBD

Horse Pedigree

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