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“Dani” as we call her, is a gorgeous palomino, roan Curly Fox Trotter mare currently standing at 15 hands. Her dam is 15.3 hands though, so she will likely keep growing. There is a good chance Dani will reach 15.1 and possibly more.
She is 4 years old and comes right up to you to be easily caught. Dani displays lovely, old style fox trot gaits and will travel smoothly at around 8 MPH. She has 30 days training under saddle and has a great “whoa” on her! Her trainer said she is very easy to teach and is available for a phone conversation.

As a mare with the tendency to want to be the lead mare in the herd, that is something to consider when buying her. Dani’s half-sister (they share the same dam) is our favorite horse in the world, Cocoa! If she follows in Cocoa’s hoof steps, she will be a very benevolent leader. We love Cocoa as a head herd mare. This bloodline has this tendency, but they make remarkable and confident riding horses, very light and eager to ride.

After 17 years of trying to buy him, we recently acquired 22-year-old Curly MFT stallion, DCC Red Ryder, who is the sire to our favorite Curly MFT mare, Cocoa. We will be breeding Dani to Ryder very soon in the hopes of getting a foal much like Cocoa. We are very excited to see the results.

We have decided to sell Dani as we have changed our breeding program. We are only going to breed Curly Single Footers from now on, but we think Dani and Ryder will make an incredible Curly MFT and we want to carry on Ryder’s bloodline in the MFT’s because he is sooooo good. We hope that Dani will go to a very responsible breeder/riding home where her and Ryder’s genetics will be valued and propagated.

Thank you Seth and Tamera! Happy trails and we look forward to seeing the beautiful Curly Fox Trotter foals Dani has!


Horse Details

Age: 4

Color: Palomino Roan

In Foal? No


Price: TBD

Horse Pedigree

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