Caviar's Southern Belle


Thank you Alma and Heather DeMille for selling gorgeous Belle to us! A 100% Standard bred mare, and born to move, Belle has amazing endurance and lovely smooth, fast gaits. She also looks at you with the biggest doe eyes we’ve ever seen on a horse, she is so very sweet and has a gentle and kind heart. Belle is currently in foal to Curly MFTHBA stallion, Boston for a 2025 foal and we are super excited for next year. If the foal is curly, we keep it. If the foal is a smooth coat, the DeMille’s keep it. Hoping for a curly! haha! Belle will be a great eddition to our single footing breeding program. Below is a description of Belle from the DeMille’s website.

“Belle is a 15.3 hand racing Trotting bred Standardbred mare, 2010 model, sired by the famous winning standardbred, SJ Caviar, a trotter with a 1:54 track record and $1.3 million winnings. She is a sweetheart and a beauty, plus a dream to ride…glassy smooth from a 4mph flat walk clear up over 20+mph single foot, that is surefooted in even rough and rugged country. She is a powerhouse with a lot of life, not spooky, but just an enormous desire to move forward and cover country which makes her too much for a novice rider but a real thrill for a good rider. This big powerful mare was a buggy horse and used to hard trotting when we got her and after having some babies for us I decided to see if we could turn her into a gaited riding horse, as I knew her genetics and loved her sweet disposition. It took a while riding her to get her to do all the gaits well, but now she flat walks, run walks, racks and single-foots. What an amazing experience to ride her, as she crashes through brush, gaiting smoothly in uneven terrain and topping sandy hills and conquering mountain peaks, one after another with awesome endurance and glassy smooth riding at any speed! I love how I can slow her to a 6-8mph gait to rest her, the same speed many horses get winded doing, and then go back to 10-20mph for another 10 miles. This mare is a dream to ride!”



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