Rock's Ferrari


This is a top quality 15 hand, 6-year old, Single-footing mare named Ferrari. This gal is out of a Fox Trotter mare and a standard bred stallion. Both sire and dam have/had incredible endurance and super smooth natural gaiting ability. Ferrari is from the DeMille Family Horse Ranch breeding program in Northern Utah. We purchased her from them when she was 18 months old and raised her.

Her sire is Rowdy Rawhide’s Rock – 15.2 h Single-footing Stallion located in the video section below.

Her dam is the best trail mare we have ever known, Doctor’s Sweet Jazz, (Sweetie). You can find her here:

Ferrari has 9 months of training, 6 of which were with Dal and Margo Guymon who do an amazing job getting them ready to tackle the trail. She is confident, has excellent endurance, smooth gaits, is easy to catch and easy all around. She is only 6 and still needs consistent riding to develop her high speed gaits.

Ferrari is NOT a curly, but is in foal to one of the best quality Curly Fox Trotter stallions that I know of, ZGC Vegas Jackpot for an April guaranteed curly foal as the stallion is homozygous for curls. Curly horses are hypo-allergenic for people with allergies to horses. So her foal will have her wonderful qualities and be hypo-allergenic for those who may have allergies to horses. This will be an incredible gaited curly foal and can be registered with the ICHO upon birth.

In the second video of Ferarri gaiting, she is over 9 months pregnant. Pretty good for a mamma heavy with baby. We look forward to her new foal arriving March/April of 2024. It will be among the best quality of gaited curly horses in the world and has a 100% chance of being a curly. Then we will be hitting the trails.



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Horse Details

Age: 6

Color: Dark Bay

In Foal? Yes


Price: TBD

Horse Pedigree

No father listed
No mother listed
No siblings listed