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ZGC Ysabel

Her name is pronounced Isabel and barn name is "Izzy."  There are so many words to describe this new little gal............ gorgeous, gaited, gorgeous, sweet, gorgeous!  She gaits like her dam and is built like her dam who is one of the best riding mares we have ever known and certainly the most gorgeous one we own. We are very excited about this little filly and look forward to watching her development.  Izzy may be homozygous for black. We will know soon as the test is sent in.  We anticipate wonderful endurance too from Izzy. Her dam goes for 15+ miles and never wears out.  We actually don't know how much she can go before she tires as her rider tires first.  lol!  She will be a wonderful trail mare and potential broodmare too.

For Sale



Congratulations Loretta on the purchase of this beautiful filly!