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Boomerang's Golden Penny B

We couldn't be more happy with this 20
year young : ) straight MFT mare named
Penny.  She comes from wonderful old
bloodlines and her grandfather is Danney
Joe W.  She stands at an impressive 15.3
hands and is built like rock.  In addition to
her strong build, she is quite intelligent and
has very a gentle and calm disposition.
Penny is also a very patient mare excellent
mother and enjoys the company of people.
She is an excellent mother and allows
people to pet her and handle the baby from
day one!!!  We recently found out that
Penny's 2005 filly is the first Missouri Fox
Trotter to be imported into Scotland.
Congratulations to her new owners!  We
know she will make Penny proud!

Penny is also a very fun trail
horse and we enjoy riding her
easy gaits.  She is patient with
inexperienced people and
suitable for any level rider.

Since we were so happy with
Penny's last two foals, we bred
her back to Vegas.  Penny is
currently in foal to DCC Vegas for
an August foal.  Penny is an
excellent mother and takes care
of her foals yet she will still allow
people to handle them.  She is
also in great shape and has
never had any health issues and
has always been 100% sound.
She's a great old style MFT

Since we just purchased a couple
new mares and one will be used
as a trail mare for Craig and
eventually the kids, we have
decided to sell Penny along with
a few other mares.   We want a
trail riding home for Penny.

For Sale at the low price of


With Curly Foal Guarantee!
(That's practically the price of the stud
fee alone. )


Congratulations Jennifer and
Penny is headed for Texas!!!

2006 Vegas & pedigrees 023
2007 FebMarch 108
Cassidy 032
ZGC Cassidy - Penny's 2007 curly filly

Penny's 2008 straight haired filly, ZGC

We are offering Cheyenne for sale for a
friend.  She is a yearling now and doing great.
She is a smooth coat curly bred filly and
should be hypo-allergenic for those allergy
sufferers you know!!

Cheyenne is sold

2008 Birthdays 152
2008 Birthdays 161
April4 054
horse 2 046
horse 2 050
Scroll down to see Penny's 2008 foal for sale, ZGC Cheyenne
e-mail us!!