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Krystel's Black Satin

Satin is a trail rider's dream come true........ well, Craig's dream come true anyway and he is so picky, that is saying a lot!   ; )  Satin is his riding mare.  I have only ridden her once because he has staked his claim.  lol!  This gal is not only gorgeous jet black, but also a super comfortable ride, she will go up to 15 mph in a variety of comfortable gaits.  In addition, she also has incredible endurance. She will gait for 15 miles without calling it quits.  Her rider gets tired before she does!

Yes, I did manage to breed her even though Craig would rather that I didn't so he could enjoy the ride uninterrupted. Satin had a lovely smooth coat black and white filly who is headed to CA.  Izzy is super sweet and so much like Satin!  We are thrilled with her and she can be found on the foal page.

Satin is Sold

Thank you Saundra!