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Zion's Gait Curlies
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easter 2006 & colt 040

ZGC Dallas

Sassy gave birth to a very tall and
very curly stud colt!  Great job,
Vegas!  (and Sassy :)  Dallas is very
friendly and his pedigree is filled with
top quality Missouri Fox Trotters like
Toddy's Perfection, Mr. Koscot,
Zane Grey and others.  Judging by
his long legs, he should be quite tall
like his dam.  He is sorrel with a very
attractive blaze and two rear white
socks.  We believe he may carry the
sabino gene.  Dallas should be one
large and beautifully gaited stallion
when fully grown.

Own one of the rarest stallions in the
world!  Dallas is a dominant Curly
MFTHBA and ICHO registered stud
colt. There exist only 80-90 dominant
Curly Fox Trotters in the world. Most
of them are related to one Curly MFT
stallion.... Walker's Prince T.   Dallas
is one of only 4 existing Curly MFTHBA
stallions who have no Walker Prince T.
in their bloodlines. This makes him
suitable to breed with any dominant
curly or straight MFT mare without
having inbreeding.

Dallas should be tall (15.2 to 15.3) and
have a large build with tons of
strength. He gaits beautifully and will
make an excellent trail horse,
versatility prospect and stallion

One day old
ZGC Dallas

Dallas is Sold
and staying in

He is at MO

But, we still own stallion
services to him, so look
for foals sired by Dallas
arriving starting in April
of 2011!!

Sienna 023
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2009 horses 146

This is Dallas at three years old!!!
Spring of 2009 Dallas came to our
farm for breeding and to later to
to training.  When Becky
unloaded this guy I was thrilled to
say the least!  Dallas is truly an
incredible stallion.  He gaits like a
dream and has been so easy to
train to breed live cover.  He is
acting like an old pro after only
three weeks and three mares.  I
can only imagine how incredible
he will look when fully mature.
We will keep you updated as to
his progress.

e-mail us!!