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Sally 010
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Royal Serenade Y.

"Sally" is a gorgeous chestnut
MFT broodmare standing at
15.3 hands.  Her pedigree is
filled with wonderful
foundation Fox Trotters and
and her conformation is
practically perfect.  She also
has a sweet and friendly
temperament to match.  Sally
is super easy to handle, give
shots to, trim feet etc. and
loves the attention of people.

Originally bred and owned by
Lee Yates, Sally has spent
her entire life  on the Yates
farm.  She is an easy breeder
and has had many beautiful
foals with a nice strong build
and pretty heads.

Sally 035
2009 june 032
Diva can be seen below

What do you get when you cross a
Royal Serenade gal and a Vegas
boy??  You get a Diva!!  And this
gorgeous gal will live up to that name.
When I came up to the pasture to
take some photos she could not help
but pose!!   : )

Diva is a super well gaited smooth
coat Fox Trotter filly sired by DCC
Vegas and out of Royal Serenade.  I
just watched her gaiting smoothly at
liberty in the field.  It was a beautiful
sight!!!  As you can see she will likely
be a gorgeous dark chestnut like her
dam.  She has been fully imprinted
using Clinton Anderson's methods as
well as taught to lead, pick up feet
and many other things a young filly
needs to know.  She will likely be a
big bodied mare and stand around 15
to 15.1 hands at maturity.  She has a
star and no other white on her.  If you
need a hypo-allergenic horse Diva
may be the right one for you!!  She is
being sold by a local friend of ours.

We are sad to report that Diva
passed away recently.  She will
be missed.