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Sadie is the real deal!  Any idea how rare duns are in Fox Trotters?  Very rare!  She is not just a dun, but a dunskin which means that she is a buckskin with the dun gene! Yes, she was color tested at US Davis and for sure carries the dun gene.  I can send you the paperwork.

 Smooth gaited, sweet and loving as they get and stunningly gorgeous with both buckskin and dun.  This gal will turn heads her whole life and produce some stunning foals.

We bought her to add her great genetics to our herd hoping to get some curly foals like her, but we recently have decided to cut way back on next year's foaling.  I just can't keep up with all the horse work and my family.  So, we are offering her for sale.  Coming 2 year old, Sadie will mature to a stocky 14.2 hands when full grown. She will make a super lifetime companion for some lucky person.  Maybe you?