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Zion's Gait Curlies
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Sue's baby 046

ZGC Sienna

ZGC Sienna

Boy, we got lucky with this
cross!  If we could have put in
a special order to Sue and
Vegas for the perfect foal, this
sweet curly filly would have
been it!  When fully grown,
she will be a dark golden
palomino just like her dam and
stand at about 15 hands.
Sienna has a small star an
snip with no white on her legs.
Coming from her model
winning dam and Vegas, she
should have beautiful
conformation and does have
a fantastic fox trot.

Sienna is very special for other reasons too.
She is one of only two palomino Curly Fox
Trotters in the world with no Walker's Prince T.
in her bloodlines.  She is also one of only 5
palomino  MFTHBA registered dominant Curly
Fox Trotters in the world.

We will be keeping Sienna for our breeding
program and for one of our family trail horses.
We might even find time to show her in model
clases as well.  When fully mature, we think
Sienna will prove to be one of the finest
dominant Curly Fox Trotters in the world.

Sienna 018
Sienna 008
Sienna 020

We were going to keep Sienna for our
breeding program, but sometimes
circumstances change. We were given
an offer to buy Sienna that we could not
refuse in an excellent home that shares
our same goals to continually improve
these rare and beautiful Curly Missouri
Fox Trotters.  Sienna will be spoiled
rotten and adore her new owner.  We
are very excited for her.  She is going
to California.

Sienna is Sold

Sienna 001