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Zion's Gait Curlies
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First Lady

ZGC First Lady

Lady is the first offspring sired
by DCC Vegas and what a
great way to start off  his
breeding career!  She is now
four years old.

A curly mare like this sure
doesn't come along very often.
Lady is one of only a few
mares of the Lucky Touch line
with no Walker's Prince T. or
Sir Patrick.   Thus, she is one
of the few Curly Missouri Fox
Trotter mares that can be bred
to the majority of curly MFT
stallions with no inbreeding.

She is also one of only 7-8
Curly MFTHBA registered
black and white tobiano
horses in the world and also
carries the cream gene which
is extremely rare so she can
assist in producing palominos
and buckskin foals.  Lady is
growing into a beautiful mare
and currently stands at at 15

Lady is trained to ride, has a
nice, smooth flatwalk, fox trot
and canter.  With a little more
saddle time, will be suitable
for beginners and children.
Beginners and children can
ride her now when following
another horse or a group after
Lady has the wiggles worked
out.  She just follows along
and is not spooky at all.
Lady was a bit of a surprise to
our trainer because she is
such a tough mare and has
super stamina, heart and get
up and go.  We were not
surprised!  She is a curly!!  : )

Lady's disposition is
wonderful and she is sweet
with people and horses alike.
When we go to the pasture
she comes running to greet
us.  She gets along well with
everyone.  Lady is an
excellent life long companion
and we are proud to have
bred and raised her.  She is
our oldest daughter's mare.
Now she can ride allergy free!!

Lady is DNA tested, from the
Bashkir Curly Horse
bloodlines and registered
MFTHBA and ICHO.  She is
in foal to ZGC Dallas for a
May 2011 foal!  Color
possibilities are buckskin
tobiano, palomino, sorrel,
smokey black and white or
black and white tobiano.

Lady's genetic color testing results are back!!!  She tested at Ee, N/Cr.  Lady carries the cream
gene!!  She is a smokey black tobiano and therefore can produce palomino, buckskin and smokey
black offspring.

First Lady 008
Lady at 1 month
2006 Vegas & pedigrees 024
2007 FebMarch 172
Lady with her buddy, Champagne Ice as yearlings
2008 Oct. 421
2008 Oct. 423
2009 horses 349
Lady at 3 years old
2009 june 205
2009 horses 115
2009 horses 136
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ZGC Dallas
Click here to see First Lady's dam, Pishna