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Morgan's Midnight

Morgan is 13 years old this year,
stands at at 14.2 and is the
grand daughter of one of one of
our favorite stallions, Dusty
Traveler.  Morgan has a nice fox
trot on her as well as a super flat
walk and was used as a trail
mare by her previous owners for
several years.   She flies in her
running walk at top speed and it
is still very smooth.   This retired
couple loved to trail ride in
different states.  They went out
frequently and Morgan was
always a part of the fun so she
has lots of trail experience.   Will
lead the group, ride in the middle
or at the end.  Loads in and out
of a two horse straight load
trailer or any trailer with ease

 She neck reins and has
smooth gaits and good
conformation with a nice engine
in the rear.    Morgan has
excellent ground manners and
is also a great mother.  She
lets children and adults Handle
her foals from birth.

Our oldest daughter learned to
ride on Morgan and were a
good match.  Morgan taught
her many skills.   Now Amanda
has moved on to another mare
in our herd and Morgan is up
for sale.  Morgan does best
with another horse and with a
calm rider.  In other words, a
nervous beginner would not be
a good match for Morgan on
the trails.  Anyone can ride
Morgan in a relaxed
environment such as an arena
as she is laid back there and
little kids have ridden her in that
environment.  She has lots of
energy on the trails and can
carry a very heavy rider for her
size.  She should go to a home
that understands horses and
has some experience with
them.  She is an excellent trail
mare with someone she trusts.
I would like Morgan to go to a
permanent home where she will
be ridden by the same person
and loved on all the time.  She
eats that up!!  : )


Congratulations Lonnie and
Julianne!!  Morgan is headed to

Morgan is in foal to DCC Vegas
and we get the foal back if it is
a curly.  So look on our foals
2010 page in July and see if
her foal has arrived!

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Scroll down for Morgan's filly, ZGC Paris

Morgan foaled a smooth coat bay
filly!!  ZGC Paris is sold.  Thank
you Barb for the updated photo!

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