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2007 June foals 313

ZGC Memphis Belle

Introducing Treasure's new curly bay filly,
Belle!  She was a few weeks premature,
but boy does this girl have a lot of
energy.  Right now she is quite tiny, but
we expect her to reach about 14.3 to 15
hands when she matures.

 Never before have we seen a foal easily
run under her dam, but tiny Belle does
this on a regular basis and with great
ease.  Despite her current small stature,
she is quite the spunky girl!  Belle is quite
sweet and has no problem coming right
up to people.  she is not in the least bit
shy.  We think she will make a great,
pleasure horse and companion like her
dam, Treasure.

Bell is sired by DCC Vegas and
is a bay filly with three white
socks and a small star.  She has
no Walker's Prince T. or Sir
Patrick in her pedigree so can be
crossed with most curly MFT
stallions, though I would love to
see this girl bred to a fine quality
double dilute MFT stallion when
full grown.  But there's plenty of
time to decide that!!

We will keep Bell under close
supervision for the next few
weeks and evaluate her more.
More info soon on

Update:  Belle is doing fabulous
and we are very excited that she
is so healthy and strong.  We had
the vet check her over last week
and he didn't even believe that
she is a premature foal.  (I think
he thinks my numbers are off.
LOL!)  At any rate, Bell has nice
straight legs and is growing at
nice rate.  Belle will be registered
with the MFTHBA and eligible for
papers with the ICHO.

2007 June foals 394

One interesting thing I noticed is that
Belle has same color and low white
socks just like her famous granddam,
Sassy Princess and great granddam,
Bomber's Curly Princess.
Unfortunatly, Bomber's Curly Princess
passed away this summer.  Maybe
Belle is Mother Nature's way of trying
to take her place in the curly horse
world.  : )

Click here for Sassy's photo and info.

Click here for Bomber's photo and info.

2007August 096

Congratulations Pam!!
Belle is Sold and resides in

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