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Curly Sue
sue_reg_small sue_reg_small

 Touch's Curly Sue D

"Curly Sue" is a beautiful 15 hand palomino and
direct daughter of WGC Rex's Golden Touch.  Don't
let her name fool you.....she is not a curly, but a
straight haired Missouri Fox Trotter.

 A bit earlier in her career, she was a high place model
winner and shown under saddle by a 10 year old girl.
Then trail ridden extensively in the Wyoming
mountains, Curly Sue is a well trained and well
mannered mare.
Not only is she beautiful, but Curly Sue is also one of
the smoothest gaited horse on our farm as well.
Riding her is like a dream and her natural fox trot is
set and can't be beat!

Sue prefers women and loves to smell their hair.  I
think she loves that freshly washed scent.  She is a
little wary of new people due to a poor trainer earlier in
her life, once she gets to know and trust you she is a
friendly and faithful companion.

Now Curly Sue has had a total of 5 foals.  She is a
very easy breeder and foals with no problems.
Always the attentive mother, Sue takes wonderful
care of her foals.

Now here's a great oppoutunity!!  We are placing
Curly Sue up for sale.  She is currently being ridden
by a friend of ours and picking it up again much
quicker than I though she would!   Sue is doing a
great job for her riding around town and on the trails
when they get the chance.   Our friend would like to
lease Sue and continue riding her until spring if her
new buyers wish to wait to take delivery or Sue's
buyers can take her now and start enjoying her.

Congratulations Susan!!

Sue resides in North Carolina

In foal to DCC Vegas
Sue sells with our curly foal guarantee

Curly Sue's Accomplishments

** 1st Place Model 2&3 yr old Mares 1999 GWC Ogden, Utah

** 2nd Place 3 yr old Amateur Performance 1999 GWC Ogden, Utah

** 3rd Place 2 & 3 yr old Model Stakes Class 1999 GWC Ogden, Utah

** 2nd Place Model 3 yr Olds 1999 BHBFTA, Powell, Wy

Sue's baby 076 Sue's baby 076
Sue's baby 076

When Sienna hit the ground we knew
needed another one just like her in
the world!  Curly Sue was bred back
to DCC Vegas.  We anticipate another
gorgeous curly foal for 2007!

2007 June foals 034
2007 June foals 045
2007 June foals 061

Curly Sue's 2007 foal has
arrived!!!!  She foaled a
fabulous chestnut curly filly
with no socks and a small star.
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