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Star's Night Latasha

Tasha is a gorgeous Dominant
Curly black and white tobiano Fox
Trotter mare who stays jet black
even at the end of the summer.
Yep, she's registered MFTHBA and
ICHO just like all our curly horses.
She is almost 4 years old and
stands at 14.3 hands, but will very
likely finish around 15 hands and fill
out nicely.  Her sire is Lucky Touch
and this bloodline takes a full 5-6
years to reach their ultimate height,
develop muscle and to fully mature.

 Her dam is a stunning Dusty
Traveler and Zane Grey bred
straight MFT mare.   We were so
thrilled when Tasha's owners called
us out of the blue  and asked us if
we wanted to purchase Tasha.  I
know her bloodlines and after
seeing her photos, I thought about it
for about 10 seconds and said,
"ABSOLUTELY YES!"  We had just
bought our other 2 new curly MFT
mares and were supposed to be
"downsizing", but sometimes you
just have to make an exception!  : )

 We think she is one of the best
built Dominant Curly Fox
Trotters we have seen and she
is intelligent and as sweet as it
gets.  We have discovered that
the Lucky Touch Curly MFT
bloodline produces very sweet
and very easy to handle horses.
They adore people and we just
adore them.  I guess it shows in
our herd since we now we have
3 direct daughters and 1 son of
Lucky Touch and so far, we
love them all.

Even though Tasha is broke to
ride and doing well, we are
sending her to Alma DeMille for
three months of rugged
mountain training in April of
2008.  After that she will be
bred to a gorgeous straight
haired MFT stallion and we will
hope for a Curly MFT stallion
prospect in 2009.

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2007 August horses 068
2007 August horses 037
2007 August horses 043
2008 Feb horses 076

Note the difference in the way Tasha manifests her curl in our mild winter
climate vs. photos of our other curly mares.   She does still have the classic
crushed velvet look on her rump and withers, but much of her coat is very
loose curl.  We know she is a Dominant Curly MFT because of these
charactaristics, she has tight curls in her ears, she had a lamb's wool coat at
birth and because she has one Dominant Curly Parent, her sire, Lucky
Touch.  When searching for Dominant Curly MFT's you should look for clues
such as this.


Congratulations Becky !!
Tasha is headed to Spanish Fork


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