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ZGC Jasmine

What a great match this was! Jasmine has the sweetest disposition ever just like her dam, First Lady..... with maybe a bit more spunk.  At 2 years old, she is more calm than many full grown mares.  Our 9 year old daughter can lead her all over the place and even hop on her back for mom to walk her around the neighborhoods.  Jasmine is a total doll!!

 When Jasmine was born, she was the longest legged filly I have ever seen in person! And it's not just her legs. Everything about this filly is huge.  She will easily reach 15.2 hands like her sire, ZGC Dallas. Those long legs are not just good for height.  This filly packs a super nice big strided running walk as well as nice slower flat walk and fox trot ability, but her run walk will be the show stopper.  I love riding multigaited horses!  She reminds me of our mare, Cocoa.

Jasmine is a palomino with two white socks.   She spends the summers on the mountain with other horses and has a great start in life.  She is a coming two year old in spring of 2013.

Jazzy at 2 yers old being dropped off on the mountain