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ZGC Gemelle

Ok so this is a terrible photo of her, but I thought I would show you all something of how Gemma is doing! A lanky yearling who is dirty and her rear hooves look like they are cut too short, but the dirt is making them look that way, you have to be a real horse lover to still appreciate Gemma in this photo.  haha!!   But, Gemma is a super filly out of our AWESOME mare, Blue Annie and DCC Dallas!! She is the exact duplicate of her awesome sister, Bella, in every way but one.  She is already gaining height over Bella and she is only a yearling!  Gemma will be a taller mare for sure and we can hardly wait for her to mature.  By the way, her name means "twin" in Itallian.  Since she came out as an exact duplicate of her older sister, Bella and Craig speaks fluent Italian, he named her.  : )  More photos and updates later........