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Smooth Criminal V.

Have you ever seen anything as gorgeous as this up and coming young stallion?  This boy is only 22 months old and already he is pushing 15 hands and absolutely stunning.  He is so mature looking that people ask me all the time if he is trained to ride!

Danney's Golden Perfection V. (Cocoa)

click to see Deuce's sire

"Deuce" as his breeder, Linda Vishino, nick named him is a bronze buckskin colt out of the magnificent World Grand Champion stallion Danney's Golden Perfection V. affectionately known as "Cocoa."  He has his daddy's build, size, wonderful gaits and sweet disposition and we believe he will make one heck of a stallion when mature.  One of his best attributes is his incredible mind.  Several of our horses have very high intelligence, but this guy might even exceed their own gifts.  As my trainer said when doing his ground training, when you work with Deuce, it is like working with a dog.  He just "gets it" and retains what he is taught!  Not only this, but he truly likes people and enjoys being with them.

Unfortunately, Deuce's sire suddenly passed away recently making Deuce one of the last and few sons of Danney's Golden Perfection V.   This puts us in a very sticky situation as we thought about gelding him because we know he will make a super riding horse and we aren't breeding much anymore.  Now with his sire gone we have reconsidered as there will be no more like Deuce.


Thank you to Mike and Charlie!