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ZGC Tucson

Wow!!  I went over to take
some photos and  it had been
a while since I had seen
Tucson.  He is growing into a
beautiful young stallion and will
be two years old this spring.
He is one of only a few
dominant Curly MFTHBA
registered horses in the world.
Tucson is a black and white
tobiano based grey.   We
can't wait for him to get that
beautiful dappled grey look to
add to his tobiano.  Tucson is
the first and only grey and
white tobiano Curly MFT in the

Since his parents are so
well gaited, we expected
him to have fantastic gaits.
Tucson is not letting us
down.  He has a very
smooth and natural fox trot
and running walk gaits.
Tucson will be one
extremely comfortable tail
horse when grown and
trained.  He is as friendly
and easy to handle as they
get and will probably stand
about 15 or 15.1 hands
when fully grown.

Tucson loads, leads picks
up feet, backs out of the
trailer and is an all around
great guy.  He is up to date
on all vaccinations,
worming etc.

Sienna 035
Comet, Tucson's dam

Vegas, Tucson's sire

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Tucson as a weanling