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 Rebel's Charisma

I think her name says it all!  With her long, curly double mane, wavy
tail and those striking crystal blue
eyes, have you ever seen a horse
look more like a mythical unicorn??
I am so tempted to photo shop a
horn on her head!!  We have
several double dilute horses, but
none have Charisma's unique and
beautiful look.  I have had
daydreams of starting our very own
line of curly white unicorns.  : )
She is built like a rock, stands at
15.2 hands and is the ONLY
cremello dominant Curly MFT in the
world.   She from the Bashkir Curly
Horse bloodlines and is registered

Charisma's pedigree is
impressive and her
Dominant Curly MFT
bloodline very rare.  In fact, she comes from the most rare bloodline in Curly MFT's.  She is the only curly daughter
of the famous curly mare,
"Yella Horse" and is also
sired by a gorgeous
straight MFT stallion
named Traveler's Rebel
L.   Charisma has no
Walker Prince T. Sir
Patrick or Lucky Touch in
her bloodlines and could
be bred to any curly
stallion in existence
without inbreeding.  Not
only that, but she will
produce only palomino,
buckskin or smokey black
foals no matter what color
the stallion.  Charisma
has been DNA tested and
has one agouti gene so
she will be able to assist
in producing buckskin

Charisma is trained to ride and is a
nice trail horse.   She
trained at a working cattle ranch
and we are so thrilled with how well
she performs.  She is the most
athletic horse we own!!  Her great
MFT qualities, very rare bloodline
and homozygous for cream color
makes her a big asset to the future
of Curly MFT's.

 On the left, her 2009 curly stud colt was sold to a client in Germany and ther 2010 filly was is now in Sweeden.
These foals are highly sought after
for their quality and because this is
the first time in many years that non-Walker Prince T. or Sir Patrick curly to curly breedings have been achieved in Curly MFT's.

Spring of 2012 we have a wonderful surprise coming from Charisma. For the first time ever, we bred her outside the curly gene pool to Hydro's Pawnee Bill!  This is an exceptional stallion who produces athletic foals with gentle temperaments and wonderful smooth gaits.   Combined with Charisma, their foal will be super quality and be either perlino, cremello or smokey cream.  We are so excited at the prospect of producing a curly foal with her unique bloodline.   AND to be able to improve upon and expand the curly MFT genetic pool.  I can't wait to see this one!!

Charisma is Sold

Congratulations and thank you to
Mountain Trails Ranch!!