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ZGC Cassidy

Cassidy is grown and gorgeous!  I think she's turning out to be one of the best curly MFT riding mares in the world!!  She stands at 15 hands and is 5 years old now.  When you look past her lovely colors and markings, you'll find nice conformaiton, a beautiful hip, good bone, a friendly and very smart disposition and a smooth gait to dream about riding.

Cassidy she also holds many
other interesting qualities too.
She is one of very few black and white curly fox trotters in the world and gets her curly gene from DCC Vegas who has proven himself to be an exceptional producer of intelligent and very well gaited foals.  She also has no Walker Prince T. or Sir Patrick in her lines so is a great asset to be able to breed with those offspring if desired.

Cassidy also tested Cr/cr!  This
means that under that gorgeous black and white is hidden the cream gene and she can produce palomino,
buckskin or smokey black foals in a solid or spotted version!

   She has four months professional training and a year of riding on the trails with us.  She is suitable for an intermediate rider.  No gait training is required for her rider!!  Cassidy is one of those naturally talented Fox Trotters who just gaits no matter what you do.  You got to love that!!!  We enjoy riding her on trails, down rivers, around the neighborhoods, orchards and streets of the city.  She will ride through water, out alone or with a group.  Cassidy loads and unloads great from trailer and is generally just easy to get along with.

Cassidy is registered with the MFTHBA and is eligible for ICHO papers.

$7,800 obo

Thank you Joan!  :)

Cassidy as a foal