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Zion's Gait Curlies
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ZGC Champagne Ice

This pretty 4 year old girl was
born and raised on our farm.
She was easy to train,
accepted everything very well
and eats up the trails with her
lovely flat walk, fox trot and
canter.  Champagne loves to
go, and listens well, so with a
few more wet saddle blankets
she will be a well broke mare.
She is a gorgeous curly
palomino four year old sired by
MFT stallion, Prince Moon
.   Champagne is one of
only a few palomino Curly Fox
Trotters in the world  and
stands at 15 hands high.

 She has lovely conformation
and a nice smooth gait.
Champagne is just a big love and
desires to be with  people.
Champagne is from Bashkir
Curly Horse bloodlines and is
registered with MFTHBA (gold
papered) and the ICHO.  She is
a great choice in a breeding
mare and last year produced a
great colt who gaits like a dream!

Champagne has a lot of go and
is perfect for a rider who is
thinking to dabble in endurance
or is confident and just likes a
horse who is not lazy and will not
quit.  We would consider selling
her to the right home.
Champagne is vet checked in
foal to Vegas and there is the
possibility of getting a
homozygous for curls foal!!
Color options are palomino,
buckskin tobiano, bay tobiano or


We got DNA test results back and found out the Champagne is homozygous for the agouti gene
(AA) which means in her future foals, if the sire throws the black gene, she will always have either a
buckskin or bay foal!  Just like her daddy, Moon!  He is so proud!

Carmella 077

Yearlings, Champagne and her best buddy,
Lady in their winter curls

March 2007 3 078

At three years old, Champagne is starting to develop to her
full palomino color.  It will take until she is 4-5 to reach her
darkest color.

2009 june 211
2009 june 243
2009 june 241
Love those Curly Horse curls!!!!
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